Candyland cart, THC vape (1ml) Sativa strain



Candyland cart, high THC content guaranteed as we make them.  The Best thc vaping experience is from top quality distillate. We make our own and can assure you it has zero cuts. All we add are terps.

Meet Gloppy and Gramma Nutt on the road to Candyland with this sativa hybrid of Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies. As its name suggests, it has a sugary essence with herbal, earthy undertones. Sativa uplifting effect, very good feeling.


We offer many other strains of thc vape carts, please check out site for the others, and we often rotate in new ones so (please keep checking back if you dont see what you like. Feel free to contact us as well with any suggestions! We offer fire flower strains, and thc edibles and thc concentrates. All made by our local Norcal friends or by us directly. Our customers are friends and we treat them accordingly. Thanks for checking us out and look forward to working with you!

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