Greenhouse flower (bud) by the Pound special!



Top quality local Norcal grown organic Greenhouse flower (bud) by the pound only! Direct from our growing friends to you! Greenhouse is a superior cannabis product to outdoor, higher tch and better appearance etc. Its trickier to do and requires a lot more patience and experience and costs than outdoor but well worth it for the final product.

All of our greenhouse flower is grown organically by our long time friends right here in Northern California, the best possible climate for cannabis bud. We take pride in our offerings and provide the very best value as well for our loyal customers.

Current Greenouse Strains available by the pound only as of 1/08/2023:
Sherbert OG
Blue cookies
white runtz
London Chello
Girl scout Cookie
Cherry Kush

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Indoor Greenhouse Flower (bud) Cannabis Strains
By the Pound Best Price Quickest Delivery Nationwide

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