Psilocybin chocolate Bars. 4 grams per bar (Funguy Delectables)



Just in, Funguy delectable psilocybin chocolate bars! These are the premiere bars on the market. All organic made with Cacao. 100% vegan. 4 grams of Psilocybin per bar. Begin your magic mushroom journey with the funguy! Start small until you can tell what effect your feeling and desire. I took two squares to start and than a third once I could tell how I would feel. It is incredible. I highly recommend you microdose, its mind expanding and I think probably very beneficial if used reasonably. Enjoy!!!

Check out this article about some of the medical benefits of psilocybin, there are tons of studies out showing how much it can help with many conditions, not just for fun. But hey fun is awesome too!

If interested in becoming a distributor please email us for large orders of 50 bars or more for special pricing!

We take great pride in offering and making the best chocolate psilocybin bars on the market. Its all done locally and quality is assured this way. I suggest for micro dosing you cut one square into three pieces, take five times a week and weekends off. Many studies showing multiple benefits from this alone. For Psychedelic effect just one square can achieve that if new to it and or on empty stomach. I truly believe psilocybin holds huge potential in treating so many issues, from anxiety and migraines to depression and much more. Enjoy our bars and remember to use them responsibly.

For real Psychedelic effects most will feel it at around 2 squares, many take four squares or more for serious mind expanding visions and thoughts. But as mentioned earlier start small until your very familiar with how it effects you as everyone is different. Remember also set and setting. Have your mind set to what you want to think about or accomplish and be in a safe setting you feel very comfortable in to have the best trip.

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Psilocybin Chocolate 4 Gram Bars
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